Wall Gallery is a commercial contemporary art gallery which represents 15 Polish female artists first. Furthermore, we collaborate with artists from Denmark and Spain. We operate according to an original model, executing projects in various places in Europe and selling art works worldwide. We are a team of family and friends, people who have always been affiliated with the art scene and art lovers who want to continue creating and further share their knowledge, diverse experiences and thoughts on what they find best about the widely understood concept of art. Hence the idea to start a contemporary art gallery that isn’t necessarily an ordinary one. 

The gallery’s role is to shorten the distance between contemporary art and its recipients. Dialogue is a superior value. Diversity permits to maintain it and enables the exchange, that leads to relationships. Fostering the relationships is the objective of the Wall Gallery. 


The gallery is meant to attract amateurs who want to start their adventure with art, as well as art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs. Furthermore, we collaborate with cultural institutions, private companies and family offices.

photos from the Polish Female Artists First opening in Warsaw, 20th of June, 2019 rabbithole Art Room, photos by Michał Matejko 

If you are interested in the Wall Gallery and its various exhibitions and events, we would be happy to keep you informed via social media.

If you are interested in all or particular works from the Wall Gallery or would like to learn more about us please contact:

Art historian, cultural manager, curator and art advisor
CEO at Wall Gallery 
Languages: Polish, English
E-mail: anna@wallgallery.online
Mobile: +48 692 967 152

Photographer, globetrotter, winelover.
Manager at Wall Gallery 
Languages: Danish, Spanish, Catalan, English, Polish

E-mail: darius@wallgallery.online
Mobile: +34 662 413 253

Assistant, a student of University of the Arts in Poznań

E-mail: maria@wallgallery.online

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